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Bob Snow

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I have a very specific need regarding searching only in my community forum, not the internet.  I have a bucket, list, that has 3 columns of text.  The 1st column list possible search results.  The 2nd column list item to be  placed on the web site based on the location of column 3. The 3rd  column controls what location on the forum will  receive the  item, file, specified in the 2nd column.
Bucket-List (3 column's)
Bob, Picture, http://5message/&tab=comment-5
Tom, Map, http://chrome://settings/people
Home Stead, Model
King Builders, Builder,

Search Results (URL's not real)

Search = Kina (Result equals N/A)
Search = King (Result equals "King Builders") The item in column 2  would be placed at location http://Forum/Bld/,  as specified in column 3 of King Builders

This is a very unique form of marketing  that I use.  The reason I am sending this email to you is to try and find out if this is even possible in 4.4.4 or later version's.

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