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[Gallery] Let Users Move Own Content


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I looked everywhere for this. In the gallery, users need to be able to move only their own content between albums and/or galleries (categories). This should apply to single images and albums as well. All I could find is a moderator option, but that isn't what is needed here, since I only want it to apply to their own content items. I'm surprised this isn't a thing for gallery already.

Any help would be appreciated.

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5 hours ago, bfarber said:

The analog for forums would be that users should be able to move their own topics from the forum they submitted within to other forums, and we don't allow that either.

Moving content from one area to another is generally a moderator function.

The comparison isn't a good one, however. Forums deals with (usually) single topics or threads of posts. In that case, obviously you don't want users moving their content (posts) out of/between threads. That wouldn't make sense. But when dealing with images, it's an entirely different case. Images can be miscategorized (For instance, we have a General, a Mature, and an Adult category rating system. If it always takes a moderator to move an image from one to the other, there'll be constant reports). Further, users don't always select an Album when uploading, and then want to go back and add an image into an album at a later time. Right now, it requires a moderator to do so (and is broken, as per a ticket I have submitted). That part probably is the one that makes the least sense to members, since they wouldn't necessarily be re-categorizing an image, but adding it to an album (existing or new). Treating Image-based content the same as Forum-based content doesn't make sense, since Gallery and Forums are for different things, and thus require different functionality.

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