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ContentModeratorPermissions x ModeratorPermissions extension

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I'm adding a new content moderator permission on my app:

	public function getPermissions( $toggles )
		$return['can_convert_rev_com'] = 'YesNo';

		return $return;

But it is creating a new tab:


Shouldn't it add my permisison to the existing CONTENT tab?

That way it won't make any difference in use ContentModeratorPermissions or ModeratorPermissions extension.


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You couldn't add ContentModeratorPermissions extension if you haven't ContentRouter extension with declared classes

ContentRouter extension will automaticaly add a tab. Just call it ItemModPermissions



$this->classes[] = 'IPS\downloads\File';

in the \applications\downloads\extensions\core\ContentRouter\Files.php




ContentModeratorPermissions will add new permission(s) to ItemModPermissions

Create new for Downloads



ModeratorPermissions will add a new tab. See Downloads (\applications\downloads\extensions\core\ModeratorPermissions\Files.php) for example.


Read also

ContentModeratorPermissions -> \IPS\application\Item::modPermission('permission', NULL, $container) -> \IPS\downloads\File::modPermission('hide', NULL, $container)

ModeratorPermissions -> \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->modPermission('permission') -> \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->modPermission('can_make_purchasable')

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I'm not sure I understand the question - sorry. Can you clarify? If you added a plugin on the existing extension, it wouldn't add a new tab (on its own at least).

The extension system allows you to define custom/unique permissions for your app. Downloads could have "Can manage revisions" this way, for instance, while still inheriting the global default permission options.

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