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Steph Jensen

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Are you looking to ...

  • Manually select? 
  • Auto select?

If you're looking to manually select, then you can choose whatever personal criteria you want.  I personally like to choose ones that have a lot of reactions or comments, because it means the rest of the community has already signaled that its a popular post.  I also pick blog entries with especially informative from my superusers, who I know post high quality content.  

If you auto select, the only standard filters are Pinned / Featured / Hidden or X number of comments.  

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9 minutes ago, Meddysong said:

Feature them and then only show featured entries in the feed.

There is a feature feature?

I can't use the promoted content feature because the superblock widget that I want to use can't feed off that. So I need a blog post feed with only featured posts

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