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Is the only way to insert an image into the About Me field is to do so from a URL? To include the url option, yes, but to make it the only option? Is there no way to insert it the traditional upload way, or at the very least from the member's gallery, though that would also be APITA. Thoughts anyone? Thanks!!

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So I'm the admin. Went to the group section. Edited admins. Noticed that in Profiles I did not allow for uploads. Allowed them and added a size (2mb). Still no option to drag files, etc. Not sure where else to look... Ideas before I bug support 😶


Never mind, opening a ticket. Found other places where the upload has disappeared 😞

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3 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Edit the ABOUT ME profile field and enable the Allow attachments? option.

Thanks Adriano. I 'think' I already had it that way. Here are the shots of my settings.

about me problem - 1.png

about me problem - 2.png

Must be another problem. Now I noticed that I can't change an icon in Administrators. See attachment.

about me problem - 3.png

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