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Redirect articles to canonical URL


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on my site I have articles with URL: https://www.mysite.com/articles/category/article and they are crawled again and again by Google saying they are not canonical. Canonical is: https://www.mysite.com/articles/category/article/ (with slash at the end). I have no clue where these links without slashes derive from. Probably from previous versions? But I would like to redirect them to their canonical representation to save Google crawl budget. Google just wastes its time to crawl these links 😉

Now my questions:

  • Not redirecting to canonical in this case - works as desired?
  • Is it something I can configure in IPS?
  • How to I create a rewrite rule for this case

Thank you,

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I have just figured out where the links derive from. These are internal links in articles written and added before we have moved to 4.4.X and https. All our internal links in articles are still


and they should be


How do I replace all the internal links in articles now? We have over 800 articles. Just reopen every and correct is not possible...

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