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Use payment options like iDeal and wire transfer

Black Tiger

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I'm sure this has been asked before.

But in all Western Europe, company's often do not have credit cards and do not use Paypal. Mostly shops use Paypal but not normal businesses.

They do use iDeal which is a fast and safe way do pay money. As fast as Paypal and safer because it's connected directly to the bank.

Invision should consider using this, or if they can't to it themselves, use a service which can do it for them for a small fee like Mollie or Cardgate or something like that. You can even let the customer pay for the transfer fee if wanted.

This way you have more potential in attracting European customers.

Even in China on most shops can be payed via iDeal, they have seen the potential that it gives.


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You could be correct, although it's supported for payment almost everywhere in Western Europe.

However, it's still a fact that lots of businesess do not have paypal or credit cards.

I don't know Stript. But I just asked Invision for a different payment method and they don't have Stripe.

We only accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards and PayPal.

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8 hours ago, opentype said:

Sorry, it is not true that Western Europe‘s countries use iDeal. It‘s really only common in the Netherlands. 

But you can already use it via Stripe which has support for many European/local payment services.

Yep  iDeal is common in the Netherlands actually i dont see any other country that using iDeal that common.

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I already acknowledged that.

But it still does not undermind the rest of my arguments. So it still would be a nice feature (especially for smaller company's, and that's in more country's then only the Netherlands) to have another option because loads do not have creditcards or paypal.

I even know a lot of hobbyists who don't have a paypal account.

It's a feature request it's not only about iDeal. ;)


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If you mean for buying our products: we only accept payments by card or PayPal.

Yes I know and that's what it says, That's why I made this feature request.

I think Invision would do more business if they would support iDeal and wire transfers because there are enough businesses and hobbyists which do not have paypal or credit cards.

And as said there are party's like Mollie and Cardgate which could take care of that for you, It's just benefical for both.

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