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Allow guests to switch between forum views


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Currently guests can't switch between, fluid, table or grid, if someone is willing to create a plug in that makes it possible for guests to switch between these I would pay for it.
Don't think there is a plugin that does this but not sure.
Thank you for reading this suggestion.

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13 hours ago, Joel R said:

Just curious, why do you think this is an important choice for guests? 

Usually you want to be more prescriptive for guests and control the guest experience.  

Very simple, some of us base our communities on the activity.

A portal that summarizes the most recent activity on the issues of the entire community is essential for some communities.

The fluid view shows all the activity of your community and includes a filter to see only some sections.

This is perfect, in my case changed the aspect of the fluid view to something more compact like this:


I would be happy, but users must also be able to see it without a registered account.

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11 minutes ago, opentype said:

Well, if you make Fluid the default, then that is what guests will see. 

I know, do you know the link to see the categories? The guests do not see the button to switch between forums and fluid.

Also one of my problems is that I can not give a more compact appearance to the list of topics of the fluid view so that it looks like the photo.

I think I can contact you in your community for this, but I think I have not received a response.

If someone is available to make this cosmetic modification in the fluid view, you can contact me with your rates.

Thank you!

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32 minutes ago, User2016 said:

I know, do you know the link to see the categories?

It’s dynamic and needs to be created for each user in the template. 
I had a quick look. It not as simple as just exposing the selection to the user. It needs changes in several areas, but any good IPS developer should be able to create a plugin for it. 

(not me. I’m a designer. 😉)

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