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No IP address perms

Fierce God

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Crazy, crazy question

So i believe it's a persons right, or can do this legally?, to be able to visit a website and have their IP address invisible or not be shown to public/admin of website


So the crazy question is: Is there a way to, or can I, make it somehow that if a visitor/guest is trying to view my website and they have their IP non showing/non showable/or invisible 

that they can not access the site at all, like block them, show a msg of site not accessible?  

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20 minutes ago, Mr. Fierce God said:

lol, i'm not good at the lingo, sry........that's my fault


but basically i dont want ppl who hide their IP address to be able view my website

I think it possible but will let others suggest the technical methods in doing so. Doing that may not be desirable. For examples, University users may be behind a proxy, ISPS use proxies etc. It would be like blocking a corporate Person named Microsoft and everyone on their network behind the person would be blocked. There are legitimate reasons to be behind a proxy, not everyone behind a proxy is being deceptive. I think you'll run the risk of blocking lots of legit users.

Someone correct if wrong!

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13 minutes ago, Mr. Fierce God said:

ok, i do understand that way your saying


and makes perfect sense


thank you

Another reason, China has blocked my website so my site's users from China can only connect to my site by bypassing Chinese censors using a VPN or proxies etc. I'd actually be working against those suppressed by Chinese censorship if I blocked a VPN etc. Just suggesting there are legit users. 

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Anonymous VPNs are the bane of my existence. We block users for egregious behavior and we have no way of know they’ve come back under a new name because we can correlate their IP address with anything. 99% of our bad users can be identified easily if they don’t use a VPN. 

We’ve tried blocking entire Class C blocks and AS numbers through Cloudflare as well. 

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