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Installing IPB on Digital Ocean

Mark Clifford

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This may help

I would suggest reading it a couple of times (honest) so you know what you're doing, please take a backup first before trying anything though! Simply as you don't want to make any mistakes and remove the source instead of the target (its rare but it has been known)

If you've any questions/concerns etc on the above just post here.

One other thing to consider is if you're moving hosts, sometimes the 'new' host will move everything over for you. If both hosts have Cpanel this is usually something they can do quite easily. If you've not asked the new host and you're in any doubt yourself it is well worthwhile the minute to ask them about this.

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46 minutes ago, Mark Clifford said:

how to configure it all for Invision

I'm not sure what you're actually asking. Can you clarify a bit more please ? 🙂

In regard to perhaps making sure the 'new' server is suitable simply download and upload the test script found here

If its in regard to server configuration directly then this is going to depend a bit on what you know how to do / need help with 'how to' or generic sensible values etc. For this part itself I'd probably suggest a new topic in the Server Management forum area, where those 'in the know' are more likely to frequent. 😀

EDIT... Don't forget to remove the ips4.php test file when you've ran it (simply visit it in your browser when you've uploaded it) , although (imo) its not a mass concern to leave it there, its best removed when you've finished with it.

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This question is a little more complicated, since on DO you can start with a bare-bones droplet with just an OS installed or have one spun up for you with a LEMP/LAMP stack or a full CPANEL setup. However, DO is fully unmanaged, so you would be responsible for all configuration and management of the server. They do not provided hosting support outside of the server being online officially. I would suggest only going down the DO path with a droplet if you're comfortable being a full sys-admin and can manage/configure a server yourself. 

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