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  1. I know how to do the transfer I'm mainly concerned about what droplet / image I need and how to configure it all for Invision.
  2. I have a forum setup at forum.metcast.net and I would like to move it to Digital Ocean and upgrade it to the latest version. Can somebody explain how I do this? I have setup Discourse on Digital Ocean before but there were a lot more guides for that.
  3. They could have added Beta in the title of the article. People like me read quickly and miss things.
  4. I was assuming that 4.4 production was available from 10 hours ago... so it's just the beta? Has that not been available for a few weeks?
  5. Er, @Matt I still have 4.3.6 or 4.4.0 Beta 1 showing in Client Centre. What's up?
  6. @Ryan Ashbrook If the user ignores that email reminder to finishing submitting and/or creating an account will the user be deleted after X amount of days?
  7. Yes please! I've been missing this feature for my forum for years.
  8. I'm having the very same issue. Did you resolve it, @Mawej?
  9. Login to your Adsense account and then go to experiments > allow and block ads That should do the trick.
  10. Hello, I'd like to add padding around quoted text and then start a new paragraph after it. Can I do this with CSS or something?
  11. @opentype Thanks for responding! I don't know really... I know it would be good for SEO but just looking for best practices/opinions.
  12. I'm starting a new forum and wanted to get the general consensus on what is best forum.domain.com or domain.com/forum? Posting this after reading: https://moz.com/blog/subdomains-vs-subfolders-rel-canonical-vs-301-how-to-structure-links-optimally-for-seo-whiteboard-friday
  13. Awesome improvements! When is 4.3 out?
  14. I hope there will be a way to turn uploading videos off for ordinary members. Would be a nice feature for verified or staff members though.
  15. I noticed Wordpress in that list. Will it work with the self hosted version?
  16. I would advice you to contct offical support for this issue. I doubt anyone here will b able to help.
  17. Hello, I've just completed the SEO Friendly part of editing the forum URL, as described here: http://bit.ly/2voR4f7 but I want to go one step further and remove or replace "forum" from my address. My URL is currently forum.metcast.co.uk which is what I want but the part I want to remove is in bold here: http://forum.metcast.co.uk/forum/10-summer-and-general-discussion/ Is there anyway I can do this without messing everything up?
  18. Sooooo, can we get a timeframe for a release date? Summer is rather vague
  19. @Flitterkill Is it out now? How much is it?
  20. You make a good point! However statuses can be updated on the profile page.
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