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Hey Guys,

Hope someone is able to help. I searched the community and was unable to find exactly what I'm seeking so I'm going a new thread will get us there. 

We'd like to query the database to return Excel spreadsheets based on certain values we'll assign in the query. Would like these queries to look in specific Topics as well as in polls. I have limited technical expertise but one of the staffers has a background in programming...just not specific to IPB. 

Is there a step by step tutorial available for this? 

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I don't know of any technical documentation from Invision Community that shows the table structure DDL, RI, etc for IPS.  Your resource will need to learn the IPS DB table structures and relationships by looking through your MySQL DB via PHPMyAdmin or something similar.

To export, your resource will need to write queries to export to CSV, which can then be imported or opened directly with Excel. See the following StackOverflow post on the approach:


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