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  1. Like the subject says, is there a way to Reassign Post Author OR Manually Edit Time Stamp of a post? In this specific example, I'd like it to be for replies within a thread. At first blush, the only thing I can think of is editing the database but I'd rather not mess with that part if I don't have to.
  2. Sounds like we’re very similar. Ours is 15 posts, receive 15 likes, and be a member for a least 2 days. Unfortunately, HTML and CSS are not my strong suit. We have a developer on staff that can help with these things but are you able to provide an example of the code so I can point them in the right direction?
  3. We recently implemented something like this for our forum. Question though, is there a plugin that will list your progress towards an automatic promotion rule? Although we explain the criteria to everyone that asks, a simple progress bar might cut down on the questions and help folks along.
  4. This was the closest thread to what I'm looking for so I'll reply here instead. Is there a way to make certain reactions worth more than the standard 1 point?? I want a "love" reaction that's worth 2.
  5. OK thanks. I think I'm going to need to wait for that next release because exporting the data is a little bit beyond my skill set. Any idea when that may be?
  6. For whomever may know, I have 2 dummy questions I'm hoping to get answered: How do I set a time limit on applications to automatically close? PS, how do I close an application? How can I extract the data from submissions to an excel spreadsheet? I can view the list but don't see responses or an option to pull the data.
  7. The title sounds bad but there's a positive motive behind it. Just realized our settings were set backwards to Opt all new users OUT by default. Now that that's fixed, I'm curious if we can force all the non-opters back into the email list. I won't do it again, just wanted to see if we can capture the lost members into our email blasts.
  8. I'd like to bump this as I'm also looking for the same functionality. Is there a solution besides the honor code?
  9. Hello all, I promise I tried looking for this but wasn't able to find it based on the search terms I came up with. I'm seeking a plugin that'll produce a "heat map" of sorts that shows the following: 1) On the user profiles, a little blurb that says "Favorite Place" for whichever forum or sub-forum they spend most of their time 2) In the admin console, stats for the (sub)Forums to give us an idea of which areas are too heavily used or not at all 3) A publicly visible stats page for the users with less detail than the admin console We're trying to use this to identify areas we could be more efficient in the structure.
  10. Yes, Member Group colors. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Here's an example on desktop. Since I'm out of cell service, I can't get you the mobile screenshot just this moment: Here's an example of a thread in our forum. On mobile, the highlighted name is in red text since he's in the admin group. As you see in the desktop screenshot, the name is displayed black. We've got a few other colors for other groups but the concept is the same that the color shows on mobile but not desktop. I'm looking for a way to make the names change color on BOTH desktop and mobile. I haven't troubleshot anything yet because the theme editor makes me nervous. The folks that created the theme weren't able to find the fix and suggested I check here.
  11. Hello, I'm using colors for a few different groups and they display perfectly on mobile. My problem is that they don't come through on desktop anywhere besides the online list. Is there something I've missed that would allow the user names to show different colors in regular posting activity? They're all black currently.
  12. Also, "most reputation given" would be a good one
  13. Didn't get a hit in tech support so I'm guessing this doesn't exist. Here's an idea for improvement or plugin: Is there a way to display "# of days won" or "like:post ratio" in the leaderboard? The overall numbers are great but they (more or less) just highlight the most frequent posters. We're looking for a way to encourage quality over quantity.
  14. Thanks for the help guys. I forwarded your responses along and will come back if we have additional questions.
  15. As I always start my topics, please forgive me if this has been posted already but I searched and couldn't find an answer to my question. Is there a way to display "# of days won" or "like:post ratio" in the leaderboard? The overall numbers are great but they (more or less) just highlight the most frequent posters. We're looking for a way to encourage quality over quantity. Thanks in advance for the help!
  16. Hey Guys, Hope someone is able to help. I searched the community and was unable to find exactly what I'm seeking so I'm going a new thread will get us there. We'd like to query the database to return Excel spreadsheets based on certain values we'll assign in the query. Would like these queries to look in specific Topics as well as in polls. I have limited technical expertise but one of the staffers has a background in programming...just not specific to IPB. Is there a step by step tutorial available for this?
  17. Apologies if there's a better place for this question, but could a filter be set up for "most days won"? The data seems to be there already, just needs to be added as a filter. Also would like a like:post ratio leaderboard.
  18. Is anyone aware if a plug-in for this exists? I'd like to set it up where users creating a new topic get a suggested list of "Similar Topics" before posting the new thread. This way, folks can see if they're making a duplicate before hitting submit and link over to the original topic to add a comment. Just think this would be a nice way to cut down on mod actions merging and such.
  19. Hello all, We submitted a support ticket for direction on how to add moderator tools to search results for easy cleanup. Just looking for the little boxes along the side like in sub forums. We received a response that it's not a feature but there may be a plug-in that can accomplish this. Does anyone know of a plug-in that can do this? I've searched but was unable to find anything.
  20. We submitted a support ticket to this end before I started searching the community for answers. Definitely agree this is an essential moderator function (had it on our last forum platform). The response to our ticket was that maybe there's a plug-in that does this. Of course, I'd prefer this to be a base function but until then, does anyone know of a plug-in that can do this? I didn't have much luck searching on my own.
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