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Hello, I have a selfhost ips, but I want to try with the mail sever of yandex, they offer mail branded feature. My hosting provider is already have the MX Record set up, after one month, the https://connect.yandex.com/portal/admin/domains/xxx dashboard still appear message 


Domain confirmed

MX records for this domain have not been set up


I missed something?

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I'd ask your host about this as a first step just to confirm they really have done this, or ask them if "anything else" is needed.

It seems that (imo) generally allowing about 48 hours is or should be enough for any DNS caching to clear out though so if its been longer than that (as you say) something else is a bit amiss. :)

Ask them if you need to do anything with the "SPF record" too. Unlikely but possible, worth asking though while you are contacting them anyway.

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