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Automatic posting on Twitter


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I think what you are looking for already comes integrated in the suite 🙂

Go to ACP > Site promotion > Social Media Promotion > Twitter Promotion Tab, then you will be guided for what to do from here by the instructions in the ACP.

Once all is set up in the you will have this button when you open a topic:


It's not really automatic as you requested, but maybe it works out 🙂 


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43 minutes ago, puffysticks. said:

Ok, I'll take a shot at it in the following days. Maybe I can make something quick taking advantage of what IPB has already integrated into it.

If you release a plugin, I may buy it 🙂

21 hours ago, steadyoptions said:

Okay, found it. The problem is that I want to post to Twitter content from members only forum. So when I add it to feedburner, it says "Received HTTP error: "Forbidden" while fetching source feed."

Any way to resolve this?

It'll only post if its in an rss feed, so if you cant create the feed because its restricted content, it will not work.

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16 hours ago, steadyoptions said:

Thank you.

Any estimate when it might be approved?

I had an error in it, but I didn't see the mail they sent, I solved it, now I replied to that ticket. So it's back in line for approval 🙂

Taking by their usual schedule should be done in a couple of days, but can't say for sure.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, it's totally my fault that I didn't see that problem I had in the code and now you have to wait more, as it wasn't enough. 

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2 hours ago, steadyoptions said:

Thank you.

When I do it and click on "link your user account", I get:


Error code: 4C375/1


Any idea what could be the issue?

Have you set the Callback URLs on twitter's app page? 

If you having problems finding / setting that please be sure to follow this guide's ( https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/social-sign-in/43-and-above/twitter-r303/ ) Creating a Twitter App part. If you still can't solve this problem, tomorrow, I can help you with this if you want to 🙂

Also I thino we should continue this discussion here (https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/450272-automatic-social-promotion/) so future users with the same problem find the solution easier. 🙂


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