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Automatic social promotion

Adrian A.

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2 minutes ago, steadyoptions said:

So what is exactly the meaning of Twitter login for members protected forums? I noticed that if I enable it and click on twitter login, it still goes to the same screen with display name and email. How the permissions will work in this case?

I don't really understand this question


So what is exactly the meaning of Twitter login for members protected forums?


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The question is not really related to your application but rather to what are the implications of enabling Twitter login on my forum which is subscription based with group permissions. 

I guess i don't really understand what is the purpose of allowing Twitter logins in general. It could be confusing to potential members.

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Okey, I got what you are saying now @steadyoptions

You need that for the next step which is enabling social media promotion on your board.

Please check this guides out. 

And then you will understand, that what my plugin does, is simply to make use of your connected accounts to automatically share content from forums you chose.

As of your members confusion problem, I'll be looking into a way to hide the login with twitter/facebook buttons by a setting of the plugin.

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Oh well, I thought that's how it's intended to work, so that's how I built it, I just read your request again and indeed says posts... 

I will take a look into it for the next update. 

How do you want to "select" which posts to be automatically shared? The same as the plugin works now with topics, by categories? Or you should I give you and option when you create a topic to toggle the automatic share?

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@puffysticks. thinking about buying this, but having an option like @steadyoptions "I select a forum, and ALL posts from this forum (including replies) are shared on Twitter." would be a trainwreck and probably get the admin banned from Twitter / Facebook for spamming unless there was a limit to the number of posts the app could post to social media.  If someone replies with some crazy reply, that'll be posted to twitter.

An option when the thread is created would be great or a button to do all the posts or NOT.  

Maybe a post queue?  But again, that queue could get really huge really fast especially on a larger site.

Just me 2 cents - though I probably won't buy it if the app is going to hammer my twitter feed with every reply from every thread in a specific forum, that would be insane.

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Just purchased this.  After looking at the plugin settings, isn't twitter / facebook going to deny duplicate posts?  I know I can't tweet the same article twice manually.  

1.  Maybe having a required prefix entry field which will add what the admin wants to make the re-promoted tweet different.  When the admin could put [REPLY] or something to prefix the promotion.

2.  Maybe a re-posting limit?  Which could be set as a safety measure? Just in-case there is a spammer to makes 50 post replies who will cause the twitter account to get slammed and probably suspended.

3.  Does the re-promote social promotional link go to the post or to the general thread (op post)?

I'm probably not going to use the "re-promote on new comments".  But the above might be issues that users might have.  IDK.

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Plugin seems to work well.  Having 1 issue...

I have a user who is basically a bot.  This user is used to post news articles using the forum RSS feeds (Forums -> RSS/Atom Feed Imports).  When you setup an RSS feed for the forum it asks for a user and I created a user to post those news articles.  It's this user's threads that I'm promoting.

1.  When I login as the bot user and create thread, the thread is promoted.

2.  When the bot user posts via the RSS feed (which is creating threads in the forums) no matter what I do, I can't get those threads promoted.

Not sure why it would promote when I manually make a thread w/ the bot account vs. when the RSS feed makes a thread using the bot account - either way a new thread is being created by an authorized user.

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