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Can ips create an app adicional for contact mode topic? 

Whatsapp so easy, and this type communication every day there more people like use it... Why?? So easy, so fast, when I want to talk to a friend, so easy... 

One of the thing make people difficult use forums is, have to click click click, many times to start new topic, then have to think about what title to filled.... Is possible considering bring other format to communicate using forum? Maybe don't change the traditional way to create topic, but can we try to bring new way to make our forum site more stronger offering effective way, faster way, and easy way... Why not?? If our goal always is how to engage our members... 

@Heosforo maked something that is what I try to say here... Only touch the icon then appear the topics or contacts... IMG_20181129_200410.thumb.jpg.8fe5294cbff36ef94b590964bffb8a9d.jpg

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3 hours ago, kmk said:

have to click click click, many times to start new topic, t

I'm really not sure what you're suggesting here.


It takes 3 clicks to create a new topic or any other content via the create menu. Or do you mean a quick form on the forum page? There's a 3rd party file available for this 


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