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It would work if you will use forums. But i don't must to install and purchase additional app that I don't need, just for solving trouble with missing comments widget.

All that I or we need here - it is the comments widget.

It is so sad that when you think - ok, we have Pages like cms, ok, I will use it instead of something else bcz I like it - and then oops - you detect that some basic things like a comments widget - are missing. In the end of 2018, after so many years from 4.* release. Still missing.

How is it possible?

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On 12/22/2018 at 11:04 AM, StRiANON1 said:

Why, by the hell, we have ability to post comments to articles without forums usage, but haven't a comments widget? OMG, guys!

It needs to has a comments widget in the cms widgets.

This looks like it will work for you.

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