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  1. Uh. That's sad that we can't have feature to select pages or forums where message will be shown 😞 Can you tell me, where I have to add code for it? In which file?
  2. Hi! Is it possible to add ability to show message not only for all pages or forums etc. but for specified page/forum only for example?
    Great app! Long live the project!
  3. It would work if you will use forums. But i don't must to install and purchase additional app that I don't need, just for solving trouble with missing comments widget. All that I or we need here - it is the comments widget. It is so sad that when you think - ok, we have Pages like cms, ok, I will use it instead of something else bcz I like it - and then oops - you detect that some basic things like a comments widget - are missing. In the end of 2018, after so many years from 4.* release. Still missing. How is it possible?
  4. Why, by the hell, we have ability to post comments to articles without forums usage, but haven't a comments widget? OMG, guys! It needs to has a comments widget in the cms widgets.
    This is the best dark theme! There are a lot of dark themes, but all of them have not a good balance. I mean about a contrast for example, sizes, spaces between elements, a color sheme etc. There all is fine. Clean and solid. In the reality, on a site with a lot of content it looks better then on the demo. I wish good luck to the author, good job!
  5. Yes. I talk about pages, not databases. It's strange, that we haven't option to enable comments for it.
  6. Is it possible to have comments for created pages? That's bad, that we haven''t it yet ?
  7. Yes, it's done and search working correctly. I specify problem - with elasticsearch active now plugin's search incomplete words not working.
  8. Not working with elasticsearch enabled - not searches by titles, for example. Can you fix this please?
  9. If we have multilang support in IPS, then we need multilang support for site name. Why we still haven't it?
  10. Almost the year passed - and so, what news we have with normal search engine usage for ipb? Nothing?
  11. When we add records to pages database via some script directly in mysql table - this records isn't indexing and their content can't be searched. Only rebuilding all search index helps. How it's possible to fix this or - if this is a bug - can it will be fixed in next releases? Is there way to rebuild search index only for selected pages database or, at least, for pages component (without affecting all other data)?
  12. "next year sometime" - it is not an answer. Normal search is very important. There is one big trouble, that for searching we must enter exact word - not something similar or just part of a word. As a result, for big communities, we can't find all data, that can be helpful. Which is seriously not ok.
  13. I was wrong and mixed up with mediawiki's extension name, engine name is elasticsearch and so if it will be choised as external engine for ipb - it will be damn right choice! But... when?)
  14. Really need to have support for external search engine. The best of is Cirrussearch (for example Wikipedia chose it instead of Sphinx and this engine really very good and powerful). I hope, that support for Cirrussearch will be added in IPS4 and urge to do it
  15. @Adriano Faria I can't post bugs there, so if you can - please, do it.
  16. No, you downloaded new version, check the name of your downloaded archive.
  17. There is a bug, when I try to download files from previous version and it has few files. It downloads new version instead previous. Select previous version and try to download any file and you can see it. As I understand, version parameter is missing in the download link. This bug occurs only if previous version has multiple files.
  18. It is required to add/display information about updated files, not only about added. Without this feature monitoring activity in file archive is almost useless. It is also concerns search results and sorting options (not only by created date, but also by updated).
  19. Is it possible to add this feature? Adding file in a multiple categories is a very needed and useful (often we can have the situation when the file is suitable for the conditions of several categories) and tags are not an alternative for this.
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