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Sync isn't Working - Login Error

Melissa West

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I have a member who is having an issue with their account.

I asked them to send me a screenshot and in the top right corner it says :

Sync isn't working 

details are out of date

Sign in again.


Is this a Facebook issue or something? They have signed in again but it keeps coming up and as a result she can't see some parts of the community.

Very odd :)



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The interface element the user took a picture of is from their browser directly, not from the site.

Sync refers to a browser-based feature to synchronize things (like bookmarks, history, etc.) between installations of the same browser on different computers or devices.

Sign In is in reference to signing in within the browser. For instance, Chrome allows you to "sign in" which is necessary for syncing.


In short, the user isn't pointing to your (or any) website, but something within their browser.

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