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Problem with email notifications


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Let me tell you our problem:

Our board 15 years online, and most of emails not working. Some people changed email address, some ... I dnt know, where are they.
For example - user visited board 3 or 4 yrs ago, but still receiving emails from board every day (he or she followed topic or forum). I think thats a wasting money for email sendings.

So, what you can recommend for this case?
Unfollow all users from all the board?

P.S. submit post working too slow, because board sending notifications to all followers 😞

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I'm not really sure what you're after / asking for. :)

Do you want to force 'unsubscribe' everyone from everything ? Or something else ? :)

What suite (or board) version are you using ? I was going to look fro something in the Marketplace but best first to check what version you're using...

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