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For some reason after running my upgrader for my app to go from 3.x to 4.x it isn't showing the app link in the root row of links.

The app is enabled, the module is enabled, all groups have permission to access them, and I did the code in Application.php and in the FrontNavigation extension. Typing the url to the app directly in the address bar has the app work fine, it's just the link missing. I don't think it could be a missing lang bit, as it has worked before and I double checked the lang bit's existence.

Not only that, but it worked for the client installing it fresh on his test site. So I clearly did the code properly for it to show on a fresh install, anyway.

	public function defaultFrontNavigation()
		return array(
			'rootTabs'		=> array( array( 'key' => 'Something' ) ),
			'browseTabs'	=> array(),
			'browseTabsEnd'	=> array(),
			'activityTabs'	=> array()

somehow that didn't add it on upgrade. Also, I did some prints and exits in my FrontNavigation extension file, to see if the problem was in there, and it doesn't print and/or exit, so it must not even be accessing that file...

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2 hours ago, newbie LAC said:


The defaultFrontNavigation method will only be called when you install your app

so what are we supposed to do for the upgrader then? That seems odd if the customers have to put it in their menu manually and I don't recall seeing the other apps' upgrade routine handling it. It seems to me they should do it the way it's been done in past versions, where the link is there if it's installed, not there if it isn't, and not be tied to either the install or upgrade either one, just tied to whether or not it's enabled.

If I were to put it in the upgrader, though, I assume I'd do something in the first 4.x version's upgrade routine and then assume any after that would already have it in the menu.

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6 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

Nothing. Add a notice to the admin add the tab manually in the Menu Manager. It's been like that since 4.0.

You can ask for they to change it: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feedback-and-ideas/

ok thanks. I do personally think it would be better if it were to auto add it. If their reasoning was that some won't want the link there, well still less people would be changing it to remove it than will have to change it to add it. It shouldn't be that hard for me to add it into my upgrade version, though, right? Don't they have to do that for their own optional apps such as gallery and blog, or do they just have those keys checked automatically when creating the menu?

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