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Works perfectly!

If you're open to suggestions, I'd humbly suggest "<> has replied to your support ticket"  include something that describes which support request is being replied to?  Either the support request title or ID, or both?

"Member has replied to your support ticket - #1234 - Help!"

Also, do you think this could be extended to also notify admins when any ticket in the system, based on their currently selected filter, is replied to?

fwiw, @Aiwa created a similar app for us on 3.4.9 (https://aiwa.me/files/file/16-support-request-menu/) that is sorely missed, since once you've cleared all support requests, it can be distracting/cumbersome to keep checking for new tickets when there are other tasks that need doing.  With the way IPS can do desktop notifications now, it would be great to know almost immediately after someone replies to a ticket so a prompt response can be provided.  :)

Thanks again!

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