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Pages App: How to create a block with a feed of comments?


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Basically what the title says: I am looking for an easy way to create a block that displays a feed of comments which have been posted on articles in the Pages App.

I haven't used the Pages App that much in the past, but now that I do, I realized that there is no preconfigured block that can be selected in the Frontend Sidebar Manager in order to display said comments. We have it for forum topics, for downloads, for blog articles... but not for pages articles. And yes, I am a total noob when it comes to creating manual templates and such, so bear with me.

How can I create a frontend block that displays comments from articles (within a database, within all databases...) and, optionally, a 2nd block that displays reviews?

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1 hour ago, MMXII said:

Really? No way to add a feed of Pages App comments (and reviews) as a block to my site? Why would one remove such an option, especially since it is still present (and, by the way, actively being used) in all other apps? 😕

Maybe you can play with this and sort by "last comment" in his options:

I don't know how to get comments 😫

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