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Feedback on Leaderboard

Joel R

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In context of the Gamification blog post (link), here are suggestions that I'd like to make on the Leaderboard:

  • Notify users that they won 1st / 2nd / 3rd -- Right now, users have no idea that they won besides visiting their own profile.  It's way too passive.  
  • Show relative rank -- It would be incredibly powerful to replace the 4th position winner with the user in the Leaderboard, and show his relative rank.  If people are winning 200 reactions for the week, and you're at 150 reactions, you at least understand where you are relative to others.  There are only 3 people who can win every day, so the vast majority of users are NOT winners.  Thus, it would be more useful to engage with all of the non-winners.
  • Persistence --The Leaderboard is a separate page buried somewhere in the community.  It doesn't persist throughout the community.  Some additional areas where a Leaderboard icon can be shown: hovercard, postbit, comment boxes, etc.  
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