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Thank You Cloud Support

Allen Bradford

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Despite running an active niche Board for going on 17 years I remain a bit of a technophobe. I tend to put off any Upgrades/Updates be it on computers, smart phone or tablets, and also the Board Software. I suspect it's because I'm a bit long in the tooth and started out as a graphic designer working on a drafting table and building mechanicals by hand....before "desktop publishing" became a thing. I remember when the first Macs came out and then to market, and I bought the first Mac Classic home computer. I have ridden the rocky web/tech wave ever since. Way back then, any OS updates caused nothing but headaches, with incompatibilities with software and fonts etc. Technology has come a long ass way, but I am still flinchy.

I also have a home office a bit off the grid in rural Maine, with ridiculously slow and unreliable broadband "high speed" internet. Max is 7 Mbps...not kidding. (Remarkably my IPS Board is still reasonably snappy) And the DSL internet pops on and off constantly. So I am reluctant to even perform the simplest Updates.

Thats why I appreciate this IPS Software (That I converted to a couple years back) and especially the Support that is built into the Cloud Hosting. Although I don't utilize the vast array of functionality that comes with the IPS suite, the peace of mind is still worth the cost.  

So....this is just a shout out to the IPS Support team. Some of us Cloud customers aren't young or coders or even particularly web savvy. Thanks for the Support, and putting up with our demands and often stupid questions. 

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I, too, have relied on cloud hosting and support when there have been major upgrades. I have a valued member who has made extensive use of tables, filled with links pointing all over the site to various posts and numerous reference topics. I can't have the tables and links be broken, and the thought of that happening has worried me in the past. However, as of late, I have been encouraged to do the upgrades myself and found them to be simple and trouble free. Still, I'm no techie and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I have experts available who can handle anything that could come up. :happy:

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