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I need to find a way or IPS should add a way to monitor 3rd party services used by the software. For example I've got Elasticsearch and Memcached on my website. Now if I reboot my server for any reason the Elasticsearch will not start on the boot up process. Then when you run support the software is none the wiser to any of the 3rd party services. I feel that if you have these loaded for the IPS software the software should be aware if the service fired up or not. Like another time I was surfing the logs and found a ton of Memcached error which explains why the site was acting goofy that day. It would be nice that IPS during it Support Check that it look for your loaded modules and see if they are running if not notify the Admin in the check or with a notice banner. 

Now does anyone know how to get Elasticsearch to start during bootup?

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2 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Could you make it display that Elasticsearch service is running with a nice green checkmark like the rest of the checks. Or a big red X showing the service is not running and possible reason for the error?

I like that idea, an admincp block with server and services info active.

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