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Subscription RENEW Bug

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Where can i report this? Or you can do it?

I tested in the demo online and the same problem exist.

Using the new service suscription in the forum when the user pay the first time all is fine but when this will renew i get this message


There are no available payment methods. This can happen if, for example, you have two products that are set to only be able to be paid for by two different payment methods and you try to purchase them together. Or, if you restrict payment methods to only be available to certain countries and there are no payment methods available for this billing address.

I see the problem is the table 'nexus_invoices' column i_items i see in the json object something like this

[{"act":"renewal","app":"nexus","type":"subscription","cost":"10.00","tax":null,"quantity":1,"itemName":"Renew: 1 Day","itemID":9,"physical":false,"methods":["*"],"cfields":[],"extra":null}] 

and should be like this

[{"act":"renewal","app":"nexus","type":"subscription","cost":"10.00","tax":null,"quantity":1,"itemName":"Renew: 1 Day","itemID":9,"physical":false,"methods":"*","cfields":[],"extra":null}]

if i set this the payment work fine ?

NOTE: The problem exist just in renew in suscriptions. When the new invoice is made.

MAYBE IS A BUG... but i can't report this to developers..

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