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  1. Where can i report this? Or you can do it? I tested in the demo online and the same problem exist. Using the new service suscription in the forum when the user pay the first time all is fine but when this will renew i get this message I see the problem is the table 'nexus_invoices' column i_items i see in the json object something like this [{"act":"renewal","app":"nexus","type":"subscription","cost":"10.00","tax":null,"quantity":1,"itemName":"Renew: 1 Day","itemID":9,"physical":false,"methods":["*"],"cfields":[],"extra":null}] and should be like this [{"act":"renewal","app":"nexus","type":"subscription","cost":"10.00","tax":null,"quantity":1,"itemName":"Renew: 1 Day","itemID":9,"physical":false,"methods":"*","cfields":[],"extra":null}] if i set this the payment work fine ? NOTE: The problem exist just in renew in suscriptions. When the new invoice is made. MAYBE IS A BUG... but i can't report this to developers..
  2. When you send a notification email from IPN script of any payment gateway this return like this Status ✓ Approved Method 7bf4e7ca5e7212f1e524d452a5258802 Transaction ID 1example Date 11/20/17 07:12 PM Amount $51.00 If you approve manual then Method name is correct, but if you active it from IPN and send a email return that. $transaction->sendNotification();
  3. The license api return incorrect format data tested in last version. Correct format is {"errorCode":0,"errorMessage":"BAD_METHOD"} where errorCode is a int But other erros return like this throw new ApiException( 'MAX_USES', 201 ); ->This code is in the current version and return {"errorCode": "MAX_USES", "errorMessage": 201} How to fix it? Search the file "root/applications/nexus/interface/licenses/index.php" and search the code catch ( ApiException $e ) { $api->error( $e->getMessage(), $e->getCode() ); } and replace for catch ( ApiException $e ) { $api->error($e->getCode(), $e->getMessage() ); }
  4. IPS4 have the feature of make a user when purchase a membership using Commerse, but i see if i active this feature the invite system don't work, can you added in next version to support invite code when use that feature.?
  5. Earn one invitation At every Is not working. I put for example 1 for test and then i go to the user and make a post or a comment and don't earn nothing. Other thing is when you install 2.0.8 fresh don't add the column invite_revoke_access i tried uninstalling and reinstalling same problem
    Will be nice if you add support for bimchatbox
  6. The unique dude is how we can redirect HTTP POST form. because his examples just use GET or POST FORM with xml response but not for external website.
  7. When a user (example aaaaaa) upload a paid file and is purchased by other user in Recent Account Activity show for example $9.00 commission awarded from purchase But in the invoice Total$10.00 Amount For aaaaaa $0.00 Total for site$10.00 The config is what for website is 10% and 90% for user what upload the file.
  8. Where is documentation for make a gateway payment for IPS4? I see just old documentation for 3.x but not for 4.x
  9. I try to make a new payment gateway in specific i need send post form (with redirect) but i can see just IPS4 allow send form with "GET" using \IPS\Output::i()->redirect( but what happend with forms with POST?
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