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We have about 20+ clubs on my forums and I'd like to post the forums on the "front page" but its so many that it becomes cluttered.  Is there a way -- that ONLY the clubs you are a MEMBER of -- shows on forums page?  There are clubs that people have no interest in -- and those forums should be hidden from their view.

If there's not an option -- it should become an option for Admins to "show only" forums to "club members" on the front page.

So if you decide to leave the club -- those forums then become hidden view.  If you add yourself to a club -- you suddenly see that "Clubs" forum on the front page.

Is this something that is in the works?  Or is this already done, and I don't have the setting figured out?



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Well, it would be an easy function to add.  You can leave all the clubs your forums has on the right side -- so they can join.   And then limit the "forums" of clubs you're a part of -- on the main forums.  Otherwise, you have a convoluted mess of forums. 

It's no different than "groups" see certain forums and others do not.

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