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Individual Calendar ?


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I know IPS has a main calendar plus those created in AdminCP, as well as club calendars.

I'm trying to see if there is a way for each member to have their own calendar.

For example, take a chess club with 2000 members sprinkled nationwide. If a member wants to host a game night so as to have other members over for a live match (that anachronistic thing where you play in person), it would be irrelevant to members of any distance away. If that was the theme of the site, to organize live in-person chess matches, wherein maybe 1/4 of the members wanted to regularly calendar a live match event, it would swamp any single calendar (maybe 100 events on a saturday)

Is there a way to have each person have their own calendar? (similar to each having their own blog)



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8 hours ago, bfarber said:

I wrote a plugin to do this once - there's nothing available "off the shelf" for this to my knowledge.

Is that plug-in still available? I would want to purchase it

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