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  1. I would like to change the group membership or award a badge to site members who complete all or nearly all of the custom fields I've added to their profile. I know IPS has a built-in rewards/point system. Is there a way I can evaluate solely the profile completeness and not include any points for posts or other activity? Thanks in advance!
  2. Is that plug-in still available? I would want to purchase it
  3. I know IPS has a main calendar plus those created in AdminCP, as well as club calendars. I'm trying to see if there is a way for each member to have their own calendar. For example, take a chess club with 2000 members sprinkled nationwide. If a member wants to host a game night so as to have other members over for a live match (that anachronistic thing where you play in person), it would be irrelevant to members of any distance away. If that was the theme of the site, to organize live in-person chess matches, wherein maybe 1/4 of the members wanted to regularly calendar a live match event, it would swamp any single calendar (maybe 100 events on a saturday) Is there a way to have each person have their own calendar? (similar to each having their own blog)
  4. Amazingly well documented. I appreciate the extra effort you took AndyF stands for AndyF'ing awesome
  5. Hey gang, I received an email stating the system had locked out the IP of someone who had attempted to login as the Admin account 3 times unsuccessfully from a particular city. It was not me. No one has the Admin password other than myself. It will unlock in 7 hours. I presume they attempted to log in as Admin into the main system, not the ACP. I see that I can view the IPs of registrants, but I cannot find any log or IP of the person who was locked out for attempting to hack into my system. Am I missing something?
  6. Thank you Edward, that's what I've decided to do, so that past announcements are viewable. I prefer the page or blog look though. Shame it's not a plug-in or simple to do.
  7. Anyone? How can I create a means of updating my users as to things that are new on the site? Features as well as content
  8. Pages is still a little beyond me. Attempting to edit the Articles default page merely invokes the error that the database is already in use, and I don't see the "articles" header as appearing in a wysiwyg section either. I was hoping for a way simpler solution
  9. Thanks Meddysong. I assume an articles database is similar to a blog, since the News & Updates page here looks like a streaming blog?
  10. Anyone know of a way to stop the rotation of the order of featured products? I would like to be able to force the display to sort by price, to specify the order they appear manually.
  11. I'd like to create a place for my site users to see the latest site news and changes. Kind of an admin blog but I want it to appear as a prominent option for everyone to get to and optionally to be alerted to new posts. I'd like it to be titled "News & Updates" just as this IPS site does, with any admin being able to post updates into it, but only admins. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/
  12. No, not the popup, but rather the region around the popup that dims but is still see-through. Can I make it non-seethrough?
  13. Presale question: Can I set the translucence of the area behind the pop-up to be fully opaque, as in, until the dialog is dismissed the user cannot see anything except for the dialog popup itself?
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