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Search menu permanently visible - won't go away


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21 minutes ago, socceronly said:

The search menu seems to be just hanging there and won't go away after most recent update.

  • All plug-ins off
  • No custom templates or CSS
  • Does this on every App. 
  • On CIC




Any ideas? 


To do with the custom theme, need to contact the author (possibly theme not for your version of IPB)?

I know you said no custom templates or css but there is something changed somewhere so either that theme for older version of IPB or someone has changed something somewhere

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Used the search tool to revert a modified CSS file and that fixed it.

Not sure how that got modified, I don't recall messing with anything like that.

The odd thing was I couldn't see it until I unchecked Unmodified.  Then the little yellow warning things showed up. 


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