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Why isn't everything a Page?


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They have created this really great block layout system, and then ... sort of take away control of the layout.

For example, the Store.   Why isn't the store just a page with a bunch of commerce blocks?  

Instead we have this great block layout system and a totally inflexible store.  Featured products should be on top (or rather, wherever you want it) it should just be a block I can make many versions of to suit a product category or another part of the site.    New products should be a block and make different versions of again, to suite the area of the site. 

The embed feature is just weird for a single product elsewhere in the site.  The output is rather strange.  Why would it look so different than the simple clean output on the store itself? 

Our Marketplace options for Commerce blocks are Featured, Random, New and Most/Recently bought.  Not a block I can find that lets you pick what is in it. 

Pages + an ever increasing utopia of powerful flexible blocks.   I will pray for this tonight. 




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