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Please reconsider how phrases are being used


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Translating IPS is no fun at all. Mostly because you use so many placeholders for phrases. I know that these are meant to be helpful, they should reduce the amount of phrases that are being used within the software. However I'd rather prefer to translate 20k individual phrases than only ~800, which cause serious issues due to all those placeholders.

Also, there are serious issues when it comes to languages that work differently than English regarding grammar, regarding the way word are being placed within a sentence, regarding grammatical genders etc.

Or here: This is another great example where placeholders cause issues:
How does that even make sense? I can think of no way to actually change how cal_week_title is being displayed in the Calendar.


Please IPS! Please reconsider how phrases are being used!

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I would like to second that and in fact I used to complain about it earlier. There are many cases when the same phrase is used twice, but while the word is the same in English, it can have totally different meaning in another language. 

For IPS 5.x (which will probably the be earliest the language translation will be revamped), it would be great if the system depends less on some fancy optimizations. Every time you think you are making our life easier, probably results in an impossible to fix issue with certain language. 

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You can change the order they output:

 If there's any phrases which you can't translate into your language due to a technical limitation, let us know and we can look into possibly changing it (we have to be a bit conservative with doing this too much as it disrupts existing translations, but it's normally possible).

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