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a more sophisticated review space for Marketplace?


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Ok, perhaps a slight rant, but there is a point to it!

I wonder about a more sophisticated review system for Marketplace purchases - and by this I mean the ability for periodic reivews to track how a developer supports their product over a longer time period than the initial purchase.

Right now we obviously get one chance to review a product after download.  In my own personal experience, there have been a couple of instances where developer support (at times prominent devs on this site for well-known products) has seriously dropped off.  As in a bug or technical issue is noted, and the response is "yeah, it happens, bug with Invision coding."  Now this may or may not be the case, but sometimes there are no tips or suggestions to the actual end user, who is left to somehow deal with it on their own.  I've heard this is a stereotypical programmer/coder response (i.e. can't be bothered with people who, well, aren't developers) but I'm not really one to know in the end.

Of course, as admins we all develop a certain amount of technical and CMS knowledge.  But that doesn't mean we're all developers, and we're entitled to support for the apps we decide to purchase - especially when one pays a relatively hefty annual renewal fee.  Even if a conflict or issue can't be resolved for whatever reason, perhaps put yourselves in the position of end users and think "gee, well, it might be useful to try a couple of things and get back to them and say well, you might do X or Y" to at least demonstrate to them they're something more than a renewal fee?

So my thinking is that perhaps if there were an ability to revisit app reviews on a "I've had this app for X years, and..." basis, it might help current potential buyers make up their minds.  It may also prompt said developers to be a bit more proactive in supporting important apps people rely on for fundamental things in their site.

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