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4.3 Gallery - Adding Specific Members Fails


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I was excited to see that IPS 4.3 was going to open up galleries to allowing others to contribute to galleries that I create.

I successfully chose "Anyone can submit to this album" for one album, but when I attempt to add specific members to another album, the value is always replaced with an integer or something. For example, I'll add a list of members that I want to be able to add, and when I view the column in the database, or in the "Edit this Album" sheet/pane, It'll say something like "6x" (where "6" is the member name and the "x" removes that "member").

That's obviously incorrect. Is this a known bug?

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17 hours ago, AlexWright said:

Is it the member ID of the member added? Could be that its parsing memberId and not Username. Could someone confirm?

It isn't. It almost always seems to be a single digit thing.

3 hours ago, bfarber said:

Please submit a ticket so we can take a look - this sounds like it might be a bug.

I will after I check to make sure that it's not a result of some other thing I just did - I had to re-run the upgrade scripts for moving to utf8mb4.

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1 minute ago, bfarber said:

I have identified the issue and submitted a fix. Feel free to go ahead and close your support request - thanks for letting us know!

I'd rather not (for now). In the past sometimes they've given me the file(s) to fix the issue without having to wait for, say, 4.3.2 or something.

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