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Find/remove old phrases


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Is there an easy way to find and remove old phrases? When I select "Out of Date" in the language options, I get this:


Obviously this is of no help.

Also, for some weird reasons, I see phrases here and there that I have translated in the past (since the translation is still there), but that have no English text anymore. I assume those are "out-of-date"-phrases, too?

Translations really need some love! I'd love to filter by apps/plugins (not only selecting the sort order). I'd love to see updated phrases with one click. I'd love to see less placeholders ("%s") in phrases, since it is really hard to translate properly when it comes to languages other than English. Most other languages "work differently". I'd also love to have all the phrases, no matter of the IPS apps you own, in order to have a complete package. I'd love to export only certain apps (e.g. just the Downloads app) instead of a full language file. I could continue for a while here...

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10 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

No, that's a placeholder for the newsletter widget.

I am confused. I have tons of these: In an earlier version of IPS these had text to translate, now they are empty (and I did remove my translation).


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There are massive problems with the translations feature in the IPS suite. They are well known for years and I contacted IPS via the ticket support several times since 2015. I still have very bad problems with them, too. I can't even translate some GDPR-relevant language strings anymore. But we can only ask IPS politely to (at least) implement a feature to remove orphaned language strings.

Here is a big discussion about these orphaned translation strings/keys and reasons why such irregularities/software bugs happen:


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