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Profile Field Problem


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Hi everyone,

I would like to implement on my Forum the "Addess" Field when an user is going to edit his profile.

I've done it but when I try to insert the Address:


I don't want to insert all the info because each user wants his privacy so they just want to add the City and Region.

How can I make the other values optional?

Thanks in advance!

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On 20/2/2018 at 5:32 PM, Nathan Explosion said:

You don't - it's all one field, and you either make it Required or not.

For your situation ("each user wants his privacy") I suggest you don't make the field required.

Ehi Nathan,

how can I set them on not required?

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28 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Edit the field in the ACP and change the 'Required ' option.

I don't see any 'Required' option:



21 minutes ago, Buschiq said:

I added one textfield for city and one with checkboxes for countys in my member profiles. That way they can add only those parts of their address. Just a thought if your members don't want to tell their exact address.

Can you be more precise please? Maybe a screenshot? Thanks for the tip!

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