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  1. Hej. Nyfiken, vilken sajt har du? Vi verkar ju ha samma språkproblem, haha...  Hälsn. Anneli

  2. I know I can, but once I enable english there, all my new members gets emails in english and I don't want that. Upside - I get to see admin in english, downside - once enabled my new members gets registring mails in english, not swedish. Still, with this plugin at least they can read the site in our own language before signing up. Thats a plus!
  3. Unfortunately using this plugin works fine for guests, but when they register the email is sent out in english, not swedish. Discovered that today and once again had to disable english. (I also prefer english in admin) We can work around it, but it's kind of annoying.
  4. Sure! In profile: In Admin I choose Select box (sorry, got that wrong in last post) for county and Text box for city.
  5. I added one textfield for city and one with checkboxes for countys in my member profiles. That way they can add only those parts of their address. Just a thought if your members don't want to tell their exact address.
  6. Also wondering, this is a key feature for my community
  7. Thanks for letting me know! Good to have an estimate.
  8. Any news about this? It's been almost three weeks now and I really miss this feature, Auto Welcome is great when it's working.
  9. Since I updated to latest version of IPB ( two days ago Auto Welcome is no longer sending out pm's or creating posts in our welcome topic.
  10. I'm using <span style="font-size:12px; padding-top:8px;">{content}</span> and in my copy of the default theme it looks like this: Just add the css you want!
  11. One feature I would really like to see is the ability to redirect members directly to their profiles when logging in. Perhaps not useful to everyone, but for those of us who run social communitys (meeting new friends, dating etc) it would be a treat! I want to be able to choose where a member is directed when they log in or register, if it's to the forums, to their profile or to some specific page. I use Pages as my starting page and when they log in or register there, that's where they end up and that's not really the best choice. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm running a community based on friendship and as such, the profile is the best place for a member to start. I want to redirect the members directly to their profiles when they log in or register, how do I achive this? Thanks!
  13. Agree, not knowing what is public / Admin is really frustrating and time consuming.
  14. Still waiting for a search update! Love your Member List!
  15. We're really having a great day thanks to your Social Groups, even though it's only a beta version. Keep up the good work!

  16. As we're adding groups, I just realized, it would be a great feature if the members were able to add links (in a future version of SG). I'm not sure if someone has asked for this before, I haven't read every page of this thread, but for us it would be a great feature.
  17. Perfect! Thanks! :thumbsup: I agree! The members of my testgroup at my board and I have been playing around with Social Groups the last couple of days and everyone is very excited. Hopefully this will give us the push forward that we need!
  18. I just installed and it's looking good so far! Great work! I just have one question for now, - will you make it possible to translate everything later on? As you know we use swedish at my board and right now it's quite a mix as I almost finished the strings you put in. If you are, I can focus on the actual groups and settings and wait for upcoming versions. Thanks for a great app!
  19. I might be a bit confused, but I would like to know what settings I should use if only the admins should be able to view pm? I want them to be able to see all pm's but no one else in the staff should be able too. Is this possible?
  20. Just wanted to say a great, big thank you again for all your help! Without you we would have been stuck with 3.0.5 forever!
    Have a great day!

  21. We really like this, but how can we get it to support Swedish letters (utf-8). Looks a bit funny when people comment right now.
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