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Showing database content as a table / list


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Well, the “separate lines” are used by default. At the moment, you just have one record, so there are no lines yet. 

Showing the fields as rows is not possible by default. That would require customizations. Older versions of Pages used a table layout, but that wasn’t responsive. If you just use a HTML table your layout can easily brake on a phone for example. 

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I'm not too worried about the responsivness, as this is used on standardised hardware :)

So if I'm understanding this correctly, I will have to customize one of the templates to display the records as a table. Which template though, In the template-menu i can't find databases as a seperate category. So I am a bit lost :)

Alternativly, can I call each record / attribute from the database manually ? So if I add a page and build it with HTML- can i control how each record is listed ?

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