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Gifting Store Purchases


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I'm not sure if this has ever been requested before or if it's already possible via plug-in, but I'd like to have an option to allow members to make gift purchases from the product page in store or via the checkout process.  

I know there is the option to send Gift Cards, which is what we explain to our users when they ask us how they can gift purchases, but I feel like a more streamlined option in the product or cart system would be a good feature to have?  Something simple where they can check a box or have a member field to type in and select a member they want the purchase to go towards, and once checkout is complete, whatever product(s) purchased would be sent or applied to the gifted member's account automatically on receipt, be it a one-time purchase or a subscription.

If there's something already like this in place via some format, I'd appreciate a link to it.

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