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Error 500


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Hi guys,

I just moved my forum to another hoster and now I already had an error 500 twice.
Both were on the online users page.

The logs tell me the following:

OutOfRangeException:  (0)
#0 <path_to_forum>/system/Theme/Theme.php(824) : eval()'d code(14384): IPS\Data\_Cache->getWithExpire('modCpApprovalQu...', true)
#1 <path_to_forum>/system/Theme/SandboxedTemplate.php(56): IPS\Theme\class_core_front_global->userBar()
#2 <path_to_forum>/system/Theme/Theme.php(824) : eval()'d code(5707): IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call('userBar', Array)
#3 <path_to_forum>/system/Theme/SandboxedTemplate.php(56): IPS\Theme\class_core_front_global->globalTemplate('32467062d475489...', '\n\n\r\n<div class=...', Array)
#4 <path_to_forum>/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(166): IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call('globalTemplate', Array)
#5 <path_to_forum>/system/Dispatcher/Standard.php(103): IPS\_Dispatcher->finish()
#6 <path_to_forum>/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(571): IPS\Dispatcher\_Standard->finish()
#7 <path_to_forum>/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(148): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front->finish()
#8 <path_to_forum>/index.php(12): IPS\_Dispatcher->run()
#9 {main}

And the backtrace

#0 <path_to_forum>/init.php(524): IPS\_Log::log('OutOfRangeExcep...', 'uncaught_except...')
#1 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::exceptionHandler(Object(OutOfRangeException))
#2 {main}

Does someone have a guess on how to proceed with this further?
This error didn't occur in the last few months while I was at the other hosting company.


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IN_DEV defined? What if you set default theme by default for frontend? Moved constants file with incorrect cache system (try to remove it at all). Clear cache from acp didn't tell anything and success rebuild cached themes without errors? Already tried to switch off ModCP module in core (ACP-applications-core (expand modules list) - modcp - disable)?

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IN_DEV not defined. The theme I have is a copy of the default.
I do now have Memcache enabled (new on this hosting platform) but generated a new constants.php file.
Clear cache from the ACP didn't throw any errors and it succesfully rebuilded the cache.

I do have a plugin that maybe calls the modCpApprovalQu as stated in the error logs, I will disable that one (Approval Queue on UserBar) and wait.

I didn't try to switch off the ModeratorCP sub-application yet.

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