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I'm not sure if it's a problem, maybe "as designed" but what I notice after upgrading to 4.2.7 (from 4.2.6) is the following.

I use the forum on both my desktop as on my mobile. No Tapatalk, just the forum view. I - as Admin - use the Online Users page a lot.
Prior to 4.2.7 when I looked at the Online Users page, I always saw myself on top with "Viewing online users".
This was regardless of whether I was viewing it on the desktop or on my mobile.

But now, in 4.2.7, when I view something on my mobile (topic X) and then switch to my desktop and look at the Online Users page, it still says that I am still viewing topic X...whatever topic I view on my desktop, doesn't update my status on the Online Users page.

When I go back to my mobile and change the page, then it updates on both desktop and mobile. So it looks like the "first" page viewer now always "wins".
So in my thought this makes this page less acurate.

Can someone verify this or does someone recognize this change of behavior?

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