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Recommended messages is a very cool feature. Very nice and useful to have it. But in some situations it can provide negative result (for any reasons, such as toxic user).

If someone post a good message for topic our moderator set it as 'recommended' and question topic closing. But author of recommended message can edit his post content for something negative with additional negative content.

Will be very nice if recomended message didn't change their content if source post edit. I didn't know how to provide this logic correct (may be use post history and get post content from that place if it exist?) but anyway i think you can do it better than me.

Thanks for you attension.

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Can IPS create some resolutions for topics in this area? Such as 'planned', 'on discuss', 'never be implement', 'implemented', 'fixed' or other for this topics? My proposal looks like bug tracker, but here you can see 800+ pages with feedback and ideas? Currently this section looks like 'write please you ideas on no-reply@example.com'. I think me and others want to obtain any answer for their feedback and ideas. Somebody want to know need wait reasization in IPS, somebody need to solve their situations. And this status changes will be provide that.

Many of ideas are interesting, some ideas - for very special cases (which will not implement as 'base') - just answer to us) We not toxic, we love you product, we recommend it to other colleguages and bussiness partners. Be more communicative, please)

Very good way for do good communications - read an experience of online games communities. There a lot of good and negative experience. And good provide very powerful ending product and with a lot of passion )


As this topic example - now i didn't know what i need to do for resolve my situation. Ask CM's for 'recommend only theyself posts', need to create some block mechanism by myself or wait for the some future version of IPS and for that moment didn't use that feature? I haven't answer.. :(

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