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IPB 4.2.4 permissions bug

Andrzej Pindor

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I'm trying to set permissions on IPB after import from VB4. I found non-deterministic behavior of ACP settings.

I have user - jedrus.tester. His primary group is "Members". His only secondary group is "Spotkania Mazowieckie":



Group "Members" has social permissions in section "Profiles" as below:




Group "Spotkania Mazowieckie" has option "Can access site" set to "Disabled":



Now - user jedrus.tester:

I think there it's a bug. Why one permission is inherited from primary group Members (edit profile / set cover photo) and another (profile photo) is forbidden? When I remove user from secondary group "Spotkania Mazowieckie" he can set his profile photo: https://i.imgur.com/Alzvfaj.png 

Please clarify how permissions inheritance works or confirm that this is an error and when it will be fixed.

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“Positive” and “more” should always take affect. If there is one “allowed” and one “not allowed”, it should be “allowed”. If there is “10MB” and “20MB” it should be “20MB”. 

I can’t see from the screenshots alone what causes that behavior regarding the profile image. 

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