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File System Upgrade Error


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When attempting to upgrade from IPB 4.1 to 4.2 I get the following error:

File System Requirements

  • /home/xxx/public_html/community/applications is writable
  • /home/xxx/public_html/community/datastore is writable
  • /home/xxx/public_html/community/plugins is writable
  • /home/xxx/public_html/community/screenshots is writable
  • /home/xxx/public_html/community/uploads is writable
  • No directory provided. Please check file storage configurations.
  • /home/xxx/public_html/community/uploads/logs is writable

I cannot proceed with the update or access my admin panel now.

I am guessing there is another folder in uploads/ that is missing.  How do I fix this?

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I could be wrong (as I guess you had your site on 3x previously yes?) but it looks like you have a /screenshots directory for Downloads but no /downloads directory. Do you have Downloads and if so do the files live in /downloads still ? :)

I have seen this posted before however IIRC the client opened a ticket and did not post the answer/findings back. That may be an option for you if you're stuck.

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