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Clickable download extra fields


Clickable File Information tags  

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Heres an idea for an update to the neglected downloads app.

When a member create a new download and puts text into the extra fields and custom fields they should be treated as tags and be clickable. So for example if I have a custom field called "release date" and you type 2017 in the field, that field should be clickable and show other files with the same File Information text. Much like tags.

As it is now everything is double work. If you wat to have a detailed file details pane and want members to be able to look for specific file within the same field you also have to add tags. That can very confusing for new uploaders and tags can easily be forgotten to add.

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That's great but still not not what I was going for. I was going for clickable fields like tags. If the user have to take extra steps using the search function they are more likely to not go there at all. It's 2017 and people are lazy and want things to be fast and smooth. 

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