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Creating an upgrade board for tests


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Hello ! :)

I decided to create a mirror board for tests (upgrade, modification,..) :

- I created a new account on my server using WHM and I used ssh to scp all the files from my account to the mirror/test account.

- As for the database, I used mysqldump and mysql, under ssh too.

The problem is I forgot to worry about permissions and I ended up with nearly all files in the new account's directory belonging to root. I used chown command to change this...

I also edited configuration in the ACP (cron, datastorage) and other files (.htaccess, global-conf.php) and uploaded a new constants.php to the server.

Then I decided to clear the cache because a few icons didn't appear and then I saw something was wrong because all images didn't appear and like CSS didn't work. Here is a screenshot :


What should I do to fix this ? Is it a permission problem or did I forget to modify some settings ?

Thank you ! :)

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