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IPS Pages Block Placements.


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 I apologise for tagging you gentlemen into this Topic, however I have been unsuccessfully trying to get some changes to the IP CMS block placement since the lunch of version 4. Guys, I am practically starting to beg here ;)

Currently, when you place a block on a Database Page, this block will be displayed on each controller (Index, topic, submit, browse), basically it doesn't matter where you are on a database page. your blocks regardless of where you wish to display them will be shown. This is a major design flaw to me and restricts what I can actually do with this Application.

For example: If I wish to create an Author information box to place in a sidebar next to an Article, this block will be displayed everywhere within that Database Page. So, when it comes to placing Blocks in CMS, it is all or nothing.

Would it be possible you could change the way blocks are placed and displayed in CMS, treat each Database and its controller as their own element ID please? This would give greater freedom when placing blocks in this Application.

So, pretty pretty please :)

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